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Cooking Oil
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Добавлено: 24 мая 2021, 00:59

Cooking Oil

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James Loo
на Флагма с 1 июля 2020


We are the leading palm oil manufacturer in Malaysia with over 20 years of experience.
Our products are 100% Vegetable Cooking Oil.

1. Vegetable Cooking Oil
2. Origin : Malaysia
3. Grade : CP8 & CP10
4. Pure and Natural
5. Rich in Vitamin E

RBD Palm Olein, Vegetable Ghee, Shortening, and Margarine
ASFAR-Oils is 100% premium grade palm olein.
Rich in Anti-Oxidnat ( Vitamin A, D & E), Cholesterol-Free, GMO- Free and Trans-Fatty.

Use in industrial and household frying, fast food preparation, cooking and salad..

Pure and Natural goodness
Rich in Vitamin E
GMO Free
Cholesterol Free
No Artificial Additives or Preservatives
Trans Fat Free

Arab Supplier Fabrication and Retail SdnBhd

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на Флагма с 1 июля 2020

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